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Idle Kingdom Defense

Idle Kingdom Defense
  • Güncellendi
  • Versiyon 1.2.7
  • Gereksinimler Android 4.4
  • Developer StormX
  • Sürüm Role Playing
  • Google Play
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A new castle defense RPG that combines the features of tower defense(TD) and large-scale combat simulation!
Gives you amazing power to defeat the gathering monster army.
Become a king in a mysterious and beautiful medieval world!

■ Fight alongside powerful support heroes!
– Heroes who deal powerful damage over a wide area
– Heroes who have a beneficial effect on other heroes
– Heroes who summon multiple magic soldiers to fight

■ Command strong warrior heroes!
– Heroes who face monsters directly and prevents them from advancing
– Heroes who incapacitate enemies with powerful skills and crowd control

■ Nurture your Archer Corps!
– Powerful soldiers who pour rain of arrows on your enemies.
– Incapacitates the enemy with various crowd control.

■ Offline rewards that can be piled up with the game turned off!

■ Multi-battle rewards that you can earn by watching automatic battles!

■ Archer equipment and hero equipment earned with offline rewards and multi-battle rewards! We bring you the fun of item farming.

■ Conquer various continents in Conquest Wars!
– You will be the owner of various continents, including pasture continents, glacier continents, and rock continents.

■ An offline game that you can play anytime, anywhere without a data network connection.

■ Terms of Service : https://stormxgames.com/policy/en/index.html?policy=termsOfService
■ Privacy Policy : https://stormxgames.com/policy/en/index.html?policy=privacy

[Update] Version 1.2.6
1. The skill of Hero Daniel has been adjusted to properly affect other heroes.
2. Hero Daniel's skill effect value and attack power increase when leveling up have been adjusted.
Idle Kingdom Defense
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